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What Publicists Need To Know About Podcast Interviews


Getting publicity is a really smart move to help jump start your promotion and get your message out. When you and your publicist work to get you booked for podcasts, keep these 4 important things in mind:

1. Podcast interviews are not like “traditional” media interviews. – There are a lot of differences between traditional and new media (podcasting) but the biggest is that traditional media exposure tends to be live and topical while podcast interviews present evergreen content. Another big difference is that podcasters want conversational guests, not sound bite answers. Broadcast radio and traditional news outlets ask ‘reporter’ style questions in a way that calls for sound bite answers. That is not the case in podcasting. Podcasters do not want to feel like they are pulling teeth. They have 30 or more minutes to fill with content so don’t limit your answers to a short sound bite.

Podcasts are on demand content; consumers can listen when and where they want. I consistently get leads from interviews I did years ago, not just from interviews that I am currently publishing.

2. Podcasting is a long term marketing strategy. – Getting booked on 10 shows and then stopping your podcast “tour” is not the most effective way to grow your business as a guest expert. Like any marketing strategy, you need to commit long term in order to see results.

Also keep in mind that just because you record an interview now, it may not be published for weeks or even months to come. Most podcasters batch produce their show which means an interview recorded today will not go live for several weeks or months.


3. Podcasting is more about relationship and networking, than ‘publicity’ – Podcast interviews are a very personal way for both the host and the audience to connect with you. When you give a great interview and really connect with the host, you are welcomed into their network where you are introduced to lots of new potential leads. Word of mouth is big in the podcasting world, so take the time to make meaningful connections and watch your reach grow exponentially.

4. Focus on niche shows, not just big ones. – Getting on the biggest show with the biggest download numbers might sound like a great strategy! But believe me when I tell you, if all you focus on is “big shows,” you are going to miss the listeners you need to reach. It is super important to focus on the podcasts that are speaking directly to your target audience. Focus on the shows that reach those specific people, no matter how big or small that podcast might be.

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