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Success Books That Have Radically Changed My Mindset

All of my Dad’s books!

Jim Palmer, The Newsletter Guru has written four books and his fifth book is coming out in October of this year. My Dad is the person who introduced me to entrepreneurship and I read his books long before I even considered becoming an entrepreneur. I have learned so much about customer service, customer retention, business, and mindset from reading his books.

The titles are:

• The Magic of Newsletter Marketing – The Secret to More Profits and Customers for Life

• Stick Like Glue – How to Create an Everlasting Bond With Your Customers So They Spend More, Stay Longer, and Refer More

• The Fastest Way to Higher Profits – 19 Immediate Profit-Enhancing Strategies You Can Use Today

• It’s Okay To Be Scared – But Never Give Up


The Barefoot Executive by Carrie Wilkerson

My Dad handed me Carrie’s book when I was home for Thanksgiving in the fall of 2012. I was 4 or 5 months pregnant, thinking about what I was going to do to stay at home with my baby and have an income. I read the first chapter of her book and I felt like she was speaking RIGHT TO ME! I actually just finished it (10 months later! I took a break and read some others in between). Carrie writes this book as a truly amazing business coach. If you’re thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, read this book!


Three Feet From Gold by Greg S. Reid & Sharon L. Lechter


This book acted like the encouraging friend you need on a bad day for me as I was starting my business. Entrepreneurs know that you have to spend money to make money and we also know that there is no magic success pill and it can take a long time before you make it. The day before I got my first client, I was feeling very stressed about money and how our savings was getting smaller, but I kept remembering the lesson that you never know when you’re three feet from gold. The next day, I got my first client!


The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

The Slight Edge is a book that reminds you that the little things you do or don’t do in life ultimately have a big impact in the long run. It’s amazing for your mindset and it’s one of my favorites!

And my current read is…


Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

We all know this is a MUST-READ for entrepreneurs! My mind is just soaking up all that this book has to offer. I am not finished yet, I’m about halfway through so I don’t have much of a review yet except to say that this book is living up to its reputation!

Remember to keep reading and keep educating yourself. I have gotten some amazing ideas for my business while reading and I keep learning and growing. Do you have a favorite success or business book? Share in the comments!