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What it’s really like being a work at home mom

I wanted to write a little bit about entrepreneurship for the work at home mom or dad. Every time I tell a fellow mom that I work at home, that I own my own business, that I choose the work I want to do, their eyes light up and ask me how they can do it too.

It’s one of my long term goals to help other moms get to this place because when you have kids you shouldn’t have to choose between not working at all and staying home or working and putting your kid in daycare. There is another option.
But what many people do not realize is that entrepreneurship is a lifestyle; it’s not a job. I didn’t sign up for a direct sales position and I do not work 2 hours a day. I do not have a boss that guarantees me a pay check every other week or someone telling me what to do.

I have made personal development a huge part of my mind set and I focus not only on making money; building my business, but also on my growth as a person, as a mom and as a wife.

“Ya gotta spend money to make money…”

Yes, the saying is true! My husband and I, while we are far from wealthy, have good credit scores so I have taken advantage of credit cards and view them as a ‘business line of credit.’ My business is growing because I have invested in my education and in my services. I have read tons of success and business books. I have taken courses on marketing, and I have paid professional web developers to help me build my online presence. I do have clients, and I do have an income. But I also have overhead and am constantly investing in myself so I can grow.

Working at home in yoga pants with my baby is glorious! But it takes a lot of work, a strong positive mind set, and as Napoleon Hill once said, a burning desire.



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