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How to be an ah-mazing guest

My team and I at Interview Connections have booked dozens of podcast guests, and while all of them are fantastic and experts in their own niche, a few have been “ah-mazing!” leaving the podcast host to come back to me with rave reviews.  After doing a number of interviews myself as a guest, listening to hours upon hours of podcast interviews, and booking “ah-mazing” guests, I have come up with some very basic tips that will get you to rave reviews!

1. Gratitude.  Always start out the interview by thanking your host for the opportunity to be spotlighted on their show.

2. Short and sweet answers.  I work with many speakers and entrepreneurs who are comfortable talking on stage for up to an hour without interruption.  While this may make you completely comfortable behind the mic in an interview, the skills are not always the same.  For example, a podcast interview is not your chance to talk for an hour; it’s a conversation with the host.  So be sure to give concise answers and end your statements with a period by down speaking.  Don’t sound like Ron Burgundy!

3. Tell stories.  Telling stories to elaborate on your responses humanizes you and makes the audience connect with you.

4. Sound excited!  I cannot believe how many guest interviews I’ve heard where the guest sounds bored out of their mind.  Stand up and walk around during the interview if you need to, but don’t sound bored!

5. Leave a pause between when the host says something and when you say something.  It’s awkward if you end up speaking over one another.

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