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The Importance of Choosing a Launch Date

Don’t miss this special episode where I talk about the importance of choosing a launch date for your podcast! In it I also make a surprise announcement. Stay tuned!

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Help! The Experts are Overwhelming Me!

Conferences, live events, mastermind groups and business coaches are all key ingredients in building a successful business and podcast. But too many of them can be a recipe for confusion and overwhelm. Watch this short video for my tips on how to cut down on the confusion and grow your business without the stress!

Should I Dress for Success at Live Events and Conferences?

I was inspired to talk about why you should be dressing for success at live events and conferences when I heard Michael Stelzner tell a story about one of the first conferences he attended before starting Social Media Examiner. Do you dress for success at live events?

Up Your Game: Podcast Masterminds, Live Events and Equipment

In this episode, I share a few different things you can do to up your podcast game and take your show to the next level. I’ll share some upcoming live events I recommend attending where you can find great guests, mastermind groups to join and why better equipment will help you be more successful. Don’t miss it!