How Improv Will Make You a Better Podcaster with Melissa Bowler

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On this episode of Rhodes to Success, I interview Melissa Bowler, who is the Executive Director of a non-profit organization called P.I.G., aka the Providence Improv Guild. P.I.G. is an organization dedicated to building a community of improvisers and providing affordable improv workshops to a wide audience. During this episode, we cover how entrepreneurs, business leaders, speakers, and podcasters can use improv training to better themselves and communication.

Main Questions Asked:

  • What is the definition of improv?
  • How can people use improv into their business?
  • How can business owners with a virtual team engage you in improv training?

Key Lessons Learned:

What is Improvisation?

  • Improv (improvisation) is the art of making things up on the spot.
  • Live improv shows are essentially sketch comedy that is written, directed, staged, and executed in the moment based on audience suggestions.
  • When it comes to improv, there is a beauty in not knowing what is going to happen.
  • When you do improv, you go on stage completely blank and let things happen.
  • The human ability to improvise is innate and is something we knew how to do at one point in our lives. 
  • Improvisation is about uncovering the idea of play that is in all of us.

Podcasters and Improv

  • Some questions don’t apply to all guests.
  • You have to go where if feels right to go and not just on the run sheet.
  • Podcasting allows you to do improv during the recording but edit things out.

Improv & Business Communication

  • Hire an expert to teach a class. The most effective is in-person.
  • Take a class and pass on what you learn.
  • Incorporate the spirit into your work.
  • Having a sense of humor and the ability to connect with others gets you so much further in life than knowing all the intricate business rules.
  • The business climate and world is changing, which allows for a connection on a more human level.

‘Yes, and…’

  • The key rule of improv is to never say ‘no.’ 
  • You always have to accept an offer and use the ‘Yes, and…’ approach.
  • This means accepting and building.
  • ‘Yes, and…’ allows you to discover a lot of bad ideas and explore them.
  • Focus on what you want to do with ‘Yes, and….’
  • In every bad idea there is a grain of a good idea within it. You have to say, ‘Yes, and…’ to get to the good idea.

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