Selfies Don’t Book Interviews

rockthecast | Oct 12, 2015

SELFIEWhen you get booked for interviews on podcasts, you’ll be asked by the podcast producer to send in your bio, headshot, and contact information. The producer wants this information so they can, not only properly prepare for the recording but also so they can promote your episode online! One of the top ways to promote a podcast is on social media with custom promo graphics.

For example:RTS-Bill WatkinsRobertMallon





Podcast producers will almost always use a photo of their guests on these promo graphics so it’s important that your photo is a professional headshot…not a selfie!

When you send a podcast producer a photo of you taken on your phone, or a photo with a group that you just cropped yourself out of, it sends an amateur message.

That’s why one of my top tips for podcast guests is to have a professional headshot you can use on social media, on your website (press page) and with podcast guest appearances.

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