Presenting Yourself as a Successful Guest Expert

In this episode, we’re going to talk about presenting yourself as a successful guest expert. Stay tuned. Hey everyone, thanks for joining me for today’s episode of Interview Connections TV. Today we’re going to be talking about how to present yourself as a successful guest expert, somebody who’s really great at rocking the podcast from both sides of the mic.
Number 1 tip is to have a one sheet. Having a one sheet is super important and a really great way to present yourself as somebody who gets interviewed a lot. I’ve already done a video about what exactly a one sheet is. Go to to check out that video. Second, have some good equipment. Being a great guest expert is not just about showing up and giving great content. You want to actually be contributing good sound quality to that persons podcast.
Get a microphone, the ATR-2100, this is what I use. It’s only $50 on Amazon. You can get a phone cover to help the sound even more. Get a great mic, use some ear buds and use a great one sheet. That is going to present you as an amazing guest expert and start your relationships off with great podcasts so right. Check out my podcast, go to and to learn how we can work together, visit I am Jessica Rhodes, I’m here to help you rock the podcast from both sides of the mike. We’ll see you next Tuesday.