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On this episode of Rhodes to Success I interview Frank Sardella who uses his podcast Will Work 4 Patients a way to market his chiropractic business. This episode is another in the case study series as Frank and I discuss how important your backstory is in positioning yourself as an expert, the importance of the niche, whether or not to create a pilot episode, predictability and evolution, and monetization.

Main Questions Asked

  • What is your business and how do you make money?
  • Who are your clients and when did you start your business?
  • What was the turning point of getting into podcasting?
  • What were your expectations going in and how did your perspective change the longer you podcasted?
  • Why did you create a pilot episode and do you think it’s a good idea?
  • Do you see as podcast sponsors as distracting the audience from what you do?


Key Lessons Learned

Getting Into Chiropractics

  • Frank got started in chiropractics after a chiropractor saved his live more than 20 years ago.
  • Within 3 months of taking a job at the chiropractor chain he was promoted to the role of director of marketing and learned the ropes of the industry.
  • Frank decided to help thousands of chiropractor help their patience in order to have a bigger impact and help millions of people.
  • He connected his art, advocacy and public speaking and expanded to modern wellness professionals.
  • Frank has a system of face-to-face marketing and e-marketing, which is the model of his business on how he generated revenue.
  • In 2011 Frank discovered online conferencing, which revolutionized the business and enabled him to work with people globally.


Backstory and Creditability

  • When you use a podcast as a marketing tool you need to position yourself as an expert and let people know what you do.
  • When people consider working with you they want to know who you are as a host, your backstory and if you are credible.
  • In order to have credibility you need to put some of yourself into your show and demonstrate passion and purpose to the listener.


Your Niche

  • Its not enough to say you just want to do a podcast you have to have something to give.
  • You have to have a niche and avoid being general.



  • In radio you do a live broadcast and it’s gone forever. With a podcast, you do an episode and it’s there forever.
  • Many podcasters use elements from different media in each show.
  • It took Frank 2-3 years of recording 20-30 episodes to just get the show well and truly rolling.
  • The podcast isn’t about getting coaching clients first, its about getting listeners and readers of the blog.
  • Podcasting is about providing so much value that it brings people into your community.


Expectations, Patience and Pilot Episodes

  • From the time you start to when you see the results could be an obscenely amount of time.
  • Pilot episodes help create the platform and enable you to figure out where you want to go from there. 
  • Glean format from other podcast rather than content.


Format: Predictability & Evolution

  • After about 5 episodes you need to get into a rhythm and be consistent with the format.
  • Every episode should be predictable. 
  • It’s important to evolve and let the show go where it will go.
  • The biggest evolution should be due to feedback.
  • You have to be okay with testing something and it not being a good idea.


Monetization & Affiliate Marketing

  • Frank had the idea of affiliate marketing before he had the idea of the podcast.
  • The types of affiliate relationships you want to build are those that come through you but build the relationship you already have.
  • If the client wins then you win.
  • Can you expand on your niche and make it valuable to the sponsors?

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