How to Promote your Podcast on Social Media

rockthecast | Feb 24, 2014

Social media is a really important piece of the puzzle when you are promoting your podcast and hands down, the best and most effective way to promote your podcast on social media is with graphics with text overlay; what my team at Interview Connections likes to call ‘promo graphics.’

Promo graphics are images that have your podcast logo or artwork, maybe your headshot as well, and your guest’s headshot.  It’s also important to have the guest’s name, episode title or episode number and your website URL.

A lot of podcasters, and I will argue the majority of podcasters who promote their shows on social media, do so with the guest’s headshot only.  This is not the best way to promote a show because at first glance, no one will know what the post is about unless they click through to your website or stop to read your status.

Everyone’s eyes on social media go to the images FIRST.  That is why it’s more important to have a promo graphic with your podcast info, the episode number, things like that, so people see this info in the image, and instantly know it’s a podcast!

Also, you will get more clicks to your website when you link to your post and show the preview image.  See below.  If the guest’s head shot shows up in the thumbnail because that is what you have on the blog post, simply click, “upload image” and add a custom promo graphic here instead!    FB_post

You can see samples of promo graphics my team has designed here:

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