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Interview Connections Highlights

Interview Connections books tons and tons of great guest interviews every month on various podcasts and internet radio shows.  Some of our favorite guest interviews that aired last week were:

Melanie Benson Strick was a guest on Jim Palmer’s Stick Like Glue Radio, and they talked about how to get out of overwhelm, which is often a huge problem for entrepreneurs.  I learned a ton of great tips from this interview. The one nugget that has stuck with me is: Your work will expand to the hours you’re willing to work.  If you find yourself working 12-hour days, you will create enough work to take up 12 hour days! But if you commit to an 8 hour day, or less, you will force yourself to be productive enough in those 8 hours so that you can enjoy your life outside of work after 5pm! Listen to the interview here:

Matt Theriault, host of Do Over (one of the TOP podcasts on Itunes!) interviewed one of my favorite entrepreneurs and authors, Bob Burg, last week.  Bob is the co-author of The Go-Giver and the author of Adversaries into Allies.  The reason I loved this interview is because it wasn’t your typical podcast interview covering Go Giver laws, or main points of the new book.  Matt asked great questions about Bob’s career before becoming an entrepreneur and they had a great discussion about how sales skills are vital for entrepreneurs.  If you are a new podcaster, I highly recommend listening to Matt’s interview with Bob Burg not only for the content but to learn from one of the most skilled interviewers I work with, Matt Theriault.  Listen at