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rockthecast | Sep 30, 2015

At Interview Connections we book hundreds of interviews every month on great podcasts for our guest experts. After doing interviews as a guest, a lot of our clients get bit by the podcasting bug and decide to start their own show! I will often consult with my clients and point them in the right direction for starting their podcast successfully and easily. Below is a basic outline of how I get my show produced in less than 2.5 hours of my time every month.

  • I use Skype to connect with my guests and Ecamm call recorder to record. If you have a PC, Pamela is the best call recorder to use.Skype
  • audio-technica-atr2100-usb-mikrofon-usb-dynamiczny-2-3717306585I recommend using the ATR 2100 It’s not very expensive and has great sound quality.
  • As far as editing goes, if you’re determined to do-it-yourself, you can use Garageband or Audacity. But quite frankly, if you don’t know how to edit audio already, spend time on high revenue generating activities in your business and outsource this task. I use Podfly Productions. podflyThey’re amazing!
  • is what I use to host my podcast online; they offer great stats and their platform is pretty easy to figure out.
  • I worked with a graphic designer to design my artwork. Her name is Caye and if you like what you see, I can give you her email. Just let me know.
  • DB-300x300I do not upload my podcast myself; Podfly does that for me. I record my show, put it in Dropbox and the guys at Podfly upload it to Libsyn and my website for me.
  • I had the voiceover work for my intro done by someone on Fiverr and the music is my brother’s band, The Danger O’s. Do you have any musician friends? I recommend asking them for music! It sounds way better than the stock music online and they’ll likely get some new fans out of it; just link to them in your show notes.libsyn_dark-small
  • I also use a virtual assistant write my show notes and another virtual assistant create the graphics for each episode.


So there you go- that is how I get my podcast done in less than 2.5 hours of my time a month! It’s an investment of about $400-500 but very much worth it because by outsourcing all the tasks I can focus on running and growing Interview Connections.

Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate of any of the above products or service providers. I recommend them because I know they do great work and I’m happy to offer them more exposure here in this post.

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