122: Facebook Marketing for Podcasters with Ben DeCastro

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Guest expert Ben DeCastro is a Rhode Island native who dropped out of high school to play bass for Ringling Bros. Circus. When the bright lights of the big top dimmed, he became the Media Relations Specialist and Media Buyer for Cardi’s, a local furniture store.  After years of perfecting his craft in social media, he ventured out on his own to create Big Ben Marketing & Consulting. Through this initiative, Ben helps businesses and media personalities take their social media game to the next level.

Big Ben’s Facebook Marketing Rules:

● Carve out 2 hours every week to focus on FB marketing.

● Make sure your posts have correct & up-to-date information.

● Do not boost posts without setting target parameters.

● “Like” posts as your professional page.

● Keep it positive, to build credibility organically.

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Ben builds his fan base for his video series Carpooling with Ben with a small marketing budget and strategically targeted ads.

Make the Most Out of Your Interviews

As a host, you will be investing time and money to get your guest ‘s interview out to the world, so you need to know who their target audience is. If you don’t know who their target audience is, just ask them. Before sending a post, make a draft and forward it to the guest. Tell them you are looking forward to their feedback and if they think your post will get the best possible reaction.

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Create content specifically for the social media platform you are using be it Snapchat, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, etc.

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Speakers at the Dream Business Academy Live Event:

Bob Burg – The Go-Giver

Melanie Benson

Michelle Prince

Gary George

Jim Palmer

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