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How We Find and Book Guests for Podcasts

If you are a host of an interview based podcast, you know the importance of having great guests on your show.  These guests must not only fit within your niche topic, but also have relevant and compelling content that resonates with your target audience.  Just because the market seems to be saturated with so-called “experts” and you may be receiving an abundance of pitches from them, does not mean that you are getting the right guests for your show.  So how do we at Interview Connections find and book the best guests for our client’s podcasts?

1. We get to know the show and the audience inside and out – When a new podcast host signs on with Interview Connections, we go through a rigorous intake process to gather all the information we can directly from the client.  We want to know straight from them who their target audience is, what topics they want to cover, their interview style and format, and what their goals are for the podcast.  If it is an already established show, we listen through several of their episodes to get a feel for the show.

Oftentimes a host will give us a wishlist of guests, which not only gives us specific people to reach out to, but it also gives us a feel for the type of guests the hosts wants.

When we develop a good understanding of the podcast, we are then equipped to find the right guests.

2. We make sure the guests are credible – When we find someone who matches the criteria for our client’s show, we do our research to make sure they are actually experts in the field they claim and their story matches up with what the host is looking for in an interview.  Have they written a book, do they have an established business, what is their track record of success, etc?  Do they have a good looking web presence?

Even if a possible guest has great knowledge and expertise, they might not be a great guest.  It’s a good idea to listen to any previous interviews a potential guest has done to make sure they articulate their message in a way that will work well with your show and interview style.  And chances are, if they are already doing interviews, they will be open to doing more.

3. We contact potential guests with one sheets (if the show is pre-launch) – One sheets are not just for guest experts! One sheets are a great way for hosts to showcase their podcast and give potential guests exactly the information they need for the interview especially when the podcast hasn’t launched yet or when the website is under construction.  You can see some great examples here.

4. We go offline – Not all podcasts have topics that lend themselves to finding guests online.  We work with realtors, investors, lawyers, and more clients who have brick and mortar businesses and whose podcast guests are not online marketers with nice websites!  These clients often want guests who are out in the field, successfully running their own businesses and not online creating courses and doing online marketing.  So how do we find them and book them?  We pick up the phone and CALL.  That may seem like a bizarre idea in this digital age, but oftentimes, you can connect with a potential guest much quicker via phone rather than email.  And sometimes, that’s the only way to reach the best guests in your niche.

5. Focus on guests who align with the host’s goals – If someone is telling you that your guests should be famous, celebrities, or have a big social media following, run. This person does not understand how podcasting works for small business owners. Before you know what kind of guest you need for your show (and then, how to find and book them) you need to understand your goal for your podcast. If your goal is to grow your coaching business, interviewing celebrities might be a terrible strategy for doing that. Actually interviewing small business owners who would receive value from your coaching would help you reach your goal the fastest because it’s a strategy of networking with developing relationships with your target audience.

These are only a few of our top strategies for finding and booking guests.  If you are a host that needs great guests for your podcast without all the legwork, come check out Interview Connections.  My expert team of guest bookers and I work hand-in-hand with you to find and book guests that bring powerful content that will resonate with your listeners.

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