Podcast One Sheets

Podcast one sheets are super important when you’re getting booked on podcasts! They serve two main purposes. First, they communicate to podcast hosts why you are a great fit for their podcast. Second, they give podcast hosts everything they need to be prepared for an interview with you.

Since our founding in 2013, we’ve created hundreds of one sheets and when we talk to podcast hosts, they always tell us how much they love them!

Here are the key elements of a podcast one sheet:

– Headshot

Choose a high resolution photo where you look friendly and inviting. Headshots where you’re smiling and making eye contact with the camera tend to work best.

– Bio

Your bio should be written in third person so the host can easily read it as your intro to the podcast. Be sure to include your biggest accomplishments here so you show your credibility but stay away from subjective language. For more info on that, watch this video.

– Interview Topics

Your one sheet should include a bullet pointed list of topics that podcast hosts could interview you about. These should be more broad than a specific question but targeted enough so the host can see how your interview will bring value to their audience. If you’re an author, you can get great interview topic ideas from the table of contents of your book!

– Interview Questions

This is your opportunity to set yourself up for success on podcast interviews! What do you want hosts to ask you? Write questions that will set you up to talk about what will bring the most value to your target audience.

– Contact Info  

Be sure to include your email, phone number, website and social media links. We also recommend including your Skype name since most hosts will interview you via Skype.

Check out some examples of Podcast One Sheets designed by Interview Connections:






We strategize with our clients on their positioning and branding and create their one sheets for them! To work with us on your podcast interview strategy, apply today!