Should I Interview My Competition on my Podcast?

rockthecast | Nov 5, 2015

competitorOne of the most challenging mindsets to overcome as an entrepreneur is the poverty mindset. Having a poverty mindset means you don’t think there is enough pie for everyone, so-to-speak. What you should strive for is the abundance mindset which says you believe there is enough pie for everyone! A rising tide raises all ships. It’s easy to say you have an abundance mindset but when you are faced with the opportunity to interview your competitor on your podcast, do you have feelings of abundance? Or do you get worried that they’ll steal business from you?

When you create a positive relationship with your competitor, when you interview them on your podcast, you are sending a huge message to the world! You are saying that you are incredibly confident in your services/products. You are saying that everyone has value to share and you’re not the only expert out there. You are saying you have an abundance mindset.

Buyers invest in people, products and services that they know, like and trust. They invest in products and services that they feel most connected to and have a relationship with. If you’re the host of the podcast and you interview your competitor, you’re already in a better position because the listeners are listening to YOUR show. You are the leader of that forum! You have the power to ask questions that focus on whatever topic will serve your audience and your business the best.

Does Fox News shy away from bringing guests on their network who are more liberal because they’re afraid their viewers will start voting for the opposition? Ahem…I don’t think so.

I would also urge you to not even look at anyone as competition. Everyone’s business is unique and every entrepreneur brings to the marketplace a unique skill set. But, alternatively, think about what competition really is. Competition is facing your competitor head on and proving to your audience that you are the better choice! What BETTER way to do that than in a podcast interview?!

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