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Keep Teaching, Not Everyone Has Heard You

In my videos, emails, this blog and my podcast, I teach you about podcast etiquette; how to pitch a podcaster, how to book great guests and have a great show that builds your business. This weekend, a podcaster sent me a message requesting me to be a guest on their show. I took a quick look at their site and thought, sure! Next, I asked the person to email me because Facebook messages can’t be marked ‘unread’ and since I was reading it on my iPhone I didn’t want to lose the request. Well, their response was “Well, we’re booked out until June and the real reason I wanted you on my show is so you’d support my show and hopefully interview me on yours.”

Now… if you’ve been following me for a while and consuming my content, hopefully, you can see immediately what’s wrong with this reply! What first seemed like a genuine invitation to speak to this person’s audience quickly became a request that had alternate motives. [I felt used!]

I realized that while it was obvious to me that this was not great etiquette, I know that the person messaging me meant no harm. Of course, you want your guests to support your show and of course you’d love for them to interview you too. But saying that immediately makes it seem like you don’t value them as a guest.

So remember, if you’ve been teaching one lesson for a while now, don’t stop teaching it! Keep blogging about it; keep podcasting about it; because you constantly have new people finding you and even your long time followers need to hear something many times before the lesson is learned.

To learn how to request a guest to be on your podcast, watch this video!