Podcasting Best Practices & The Podcast Producers Season 3 Plans

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How do you make your podcast ‘look’ good? This episode of Rhodes to Success I’m joined by my Podcast Producers co-host Corey Coates. We discuss how to make your podcast look good through audio and show notes.

Main Questions Asked

  • What makes a good show notes page and why should podcasters do show notes?
  • What should be around the player and where should it be on the website?
  • What are podcasters doing that make people not want to listen to them?


Key Points:

What Makes Your Podcast ‘Look’ Good

  • Sound.
  • Website.
  • Show notes.


  • The interview format is still the most popular in podcasting but has the worst sounding audio.
  • How can one have he ease of recording a Skype call but have a higher quality sound output?

Show Notes

  • Show notes provide a higher value to the podcast listener.
  • For a lot of podcasters it feels like an extra expense and they don’t know why they spend money on it.
  • You need to tell a listener what they are getting themselves into, should they decide to listen to a show.
  • Outbound links makes it easier for listeners to go back and find what has been referenced on the show.
  • Some podcast players have time stamped key takeaways so listeners can advance to specific sections of the show.
  • Show notes should be complimentary to the brand, the voicing, and serve the listener.
  • Not everyone wants to listen to a podcast but they still want the content that is taught.
  • Show notes shouldn’t just be a teaser, they should relay the content.
  • If you change your attitude to show notes you can make them part of your content marketing strategy.

Ask the Listener

  • Podcasting is an insular industry.
  • Podcasters talk to each other frequently but often leaves the listener out of the conversation.
  • Ask the listener what they want. Not each other.
  • The industry is moving toward putting together surveys and focus groups to ask the listeners what they think and want.
  • Podcasters are starting to survey those who don’t listen to podcasts in order to understand how the show notes can better serve them. .

Podcast Player

  • Never be ‘below the fold’.
  • Your player should be on the front page at the top.
  • Have a descriptive paragraph and embed the player followed by key takeaways.
  • This needs to be highly visible for anyone who listens to podcasts.
  • On your webpage add links to all the platforms for people to download and subscribe eg GooglePlay, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, and iTunes.

Why People Aren’t Listening to You

  • In general podcasters think that people are interested in every little aspect of their lives. We aren’t.
  • Shows are successful because the host is entertaining and talented.


Resources Mentioned:

The Podcast Producers

Podfly Productions 


Rogue Amoeba


Live Webinar: 

Text ‘rock’ 72000


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What are podcasters doing that make people not want to listen to them?Find out w/ @JessRhodesBiz @podflynet www.jessicarhodes.biz

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