How to Contact Potential [Podcast] Guests

world-wide-webIn my episode of Interview Connections TV this week, I answered a question from a viewer who wanted to know how I craft my emails when I book great guests for my client’s podcasts at Basically, he wanted to know what script I use.

The reason I was excited to answer this question in my video as well as in this blog post is because there is a huge misconception out there that a scripted email works. And in reality, it’s just flat out ineffective. Well, let me step back. You will book podcast guests with a form email. But the rate at which you will be successful will be a lot lower!

You need to customize your emails, phone calls and social media messages when reaching out to potential guests for your podcast. Especially when you are trying to book guests who get a lot of interview requests, or well known entrepreneurs or celebrity guests who do not say yes to every request.

Here’s a tip for you from my days going door to door raising money- match the energy of your prospective guest. If your prospective guest is highly successful, they are never seen without a suit and tie on, the copy on their website is very professional and it looks like you will have some big gates to get through before reaching them personally, then you need to craft an email that presents your show as the real deal. Basically- don’t let your email copy reveal the fact that you’re recording your podcast in a bedroom closet in your pajamas.

If you are booking guests who are also working at home in their pajamas, then a quick, informal email, Tweet or Facebook message that says “Hey! I’d love to have you on my podcast for an interview, when we can set something up? :-)” is fine.

If you match the energy of your prospective guest, you will book more guests.

Form emails are dead and they are really detested by a lot of people. So I urge you to take the time to write custom and personalized emails to prospective guests!


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