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I went full-time with my entrepreneurial journey the day my son was born- March 10th, 2013 and the past 9 and a half months have been a complete whirlwind!

A huge reason that I have increased my business revenue by over 150% in the past nine months is because I have a business coach who can see things in my business that I can’t see. I’m thankful because my dad, Jim Palmer – The Newsletter Guru is my business coach. He has totally whipped me into shape and has taught me how to build a real business. No magic success pills or short cuts involved.

There are hundreds of business coaches out there and while all of them have different levels of experience to bring to their coaching, what I think makes a great quality business coach is someone who has a genuine no b.s., tough love, and blunt personality that really gets their clients to take action! No coddling, no warm and fuzzy motivational chats; when I have coaching calls with my dad, I know I’m getting the real deal without any sugar coating.

As we wind down 2013 and prepare for 2014- setting goals and envisioning where we want to be and what we should invest in to grow our businesses, I want to really encourage you to hire a business coach. In the spirit of my dad, stop waiting!
As hiring a coach is a big decision, a great way to make sure you pick the right person is to meet them. My dad is having a live event in Las Vegas in March.

This will be a fantastic opportunity to experience ‘Jim Palmer coaching’ in person! My dad, while viewed as somewhat of a ‘celebrity’ in some circles (which is still weird as his daughter!), is a total down-to-earth guy and he’s passionate about building real businesses because it’s the entrepreneur that’s going to get this economy out of the pits.

If I’ve struck a chord with you here; if you have not yet hired a business coach but want your business to grow faster in 2014- I strongly urge you to go to

Please email me personally if you want to know more about my experience working with my Dad as a business coach. You can reach me at