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Help! I rocked my interview but the sound quality stinks!

Unless you host your own podcast or do a ton of interviews and have invested in a good microphone, you may blow it with sound quality your first time behind the ‘mic.’

Here are some tips for getting great sound quality as a guest expert- who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on a microphone and a mixer!

  1. Record your interview in a room with carpet.  Hardwood floors will result in a echo and poor sound quality.
  2. Make sure your headset or microphone has a foam cover or windshield.  We don’t need to hear your every breath.
  3. Any microphone is better than a headset.  A lot of people recommend the Blue Yeti; but that will run you about $100.  Quite frankly, I bought a mic off Amazon for $16, paid another $5 for a foam cover and the quality is fine for me as a guest.
  4. Talk CLOSE to the mic.  My friend Michael O’Neal gave some sound quality tips in one of his podcast episodes and he recommends that your lips basically be touching the mic.
  5. Do a sound check!  I have a few friends and clients on Skype who will ping me and say “hey are you free for a sound check before my interview?”  It’s best to do a quick test call to make sure you sound good than to get on an interview and regretfully have poor sound quality in the recording.

4 thoughts on “Help! I rocked my interview but the sound quality stinks!

  1. Great tips- I had no idea that you are supposed to speak that closely to mic. My sound quality is awful, so I definitely need to test these out.

  2. Zack, thanks for the comment! Yes the distance you speak to the mic makes a huge difference. I recorded a call with a client and I could hear a huge difference in the sound quality when I backed away from my mic and when I was talking right on it. Good luck! 🙂

  3. Hey Jess, which mic did you get on Amazon? I use a headset mic from Radio Shack that sounds good, don’t have the foam though. I have a Crown CM1 that I use when I play and sing on the drums, I think I may try it, but it complicates my setup quite a bit.

    Good checklist.


  4. Hi Paul, great question! I use the “Stand Alone Microphone for PC Computer Laptop Notebook, VOIP, w/noise canceling” with a foam pad that I bought separately and then ear buds or headphones.

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