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First Impressions – Deal Breakers for Getting Booked

Many people ask me, what’s the secret to getting booked on popular podcasts? Just like in business, there is no ‘one thing’ or one secret that, if implemented, will get you booked! Several factors go into successfully getting you booked for interviews on popular podcasts and internet radio shows.

In this post, I want to focus on one crucial factor that is often a deal breaker for podcasters when deciding whether or not to interview someone- and that is first impressions.

As an online entrepreneur, most of the time, you don’t have the benefit of meeting someone for the first time face to face, with a handshake and a smile. People meet you by looking at your social media pages and your website. If these platforms don’t position you as a successful, professional, put-together guest expert, the podcaster who is considering you as a guest will click off your site so fast it’s like they were never there!

Here are two tips to position yourself as a success online so you can get booked on popular podcasts and radio shows.

1. Use a professional headshot and be consistent: I’m not saying you have to pay hundreds of dollars and go on a big photo shoot.  To keep your branding consistent, I point out that you need to use the same headshot or ‘profile picture’ throughout your social media platforms and your website. Even if you haven’t taken professional headshots, make sure you use a high-resolution photo that positions you as a professional!

2. Invest in a quality website: I book guest interviews on a lot of podcasts for my clients, and one time, I pitched a guest to my client who I believed was an expert in the niche we wanted to focus on, but when he looked at her website he responded that she didn’t look successful; her website was poorly designed, the sound quality on the videos at her site was horrible, and all around it didn’t communicate ‘success’ and ‘expertise.’ Invest in a quality website, update your blog regularly and make sure when someone comes to your website for the first time, they see you as a success.


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