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Schedule Once or Time Trade?

If you are not using an online scheduling tool to schedule your podcast interviews, or any appointments in your business for that matter, you are wasting serious time and money. The amount of time spent going back and forth in emails saying “Here are three times that work for me, what works for you?” And then having the other person saying “None of those times work for me, how about these times?”

If you are still doing that to schedule your interviews, or if you are paying your assistant to go back and forth scheduling your appointments that way, I beg you- stop now!

I actually require my clients at Interview Connections to have a scheduling link because I refuse to waste my time going back and forth with guest experts, and with my clients to schedule interviews.  Time is money and my time and my profits are far too important to waste because someone doesn’t want to spend $9/month on the scheduling tool.

Ok, now that I have convinced you to go purchase a membership with Schedule Once or Time Trade you may be asking which one is better? First a brief disclaimer- I have no affiliation with either company so my opinion is just that, it’s my opinion, and I will not make any money on your decision to pay for either tool.

After scheduling well over a couple hundred interviews, I confidently can say that Schedule Once is easier to use and more user friendly.  Here are a couple reasons:

  1. Your scheduling link is easy to remember: This is so great because you can just type it into your emails.  With my Time Trade clients, I have to go find the link and copy and paste it.  I know it’s a small thing but again, if I add up the extra 10 seconds it takes to find the link and copy it in my emails versus the 1 second it takes to type out the easy to remember Schedule Once link, I’m spending way more time on Time Trade links!
  2. Time Trade requires you to click “confirm” after you choose a time but Schedule Once confirms the time in your calendar as soon as you choose it.  Normally if I read this difference on paper I would think, who cares? People are smart, they’ll read the directions.  But now that I have booked a ton of interviews with both tools, I can’t tell you how many times people using Time Trade choose a time, see it in writing and close out the tab on their browser before clicking confirm.  They think it’s scheduled, but the host doesn’t receive the confirmation because they didn’t click confirm.
  3. Schedule Once allows you to add additional administrators to your account.  It’s incredibly handy to get the scheduling confirmations from my clients emailed right to my assistant.  Time Trade doesn’t let you email the confirmations to more than one person, so it requires my clients to have to remember to forward me the Time Trade scheduling confirmations.  Often times, they either forget or don’t have time and then I have to track them down.  Schedule Once takes away this hassle.

So there you have it, three reasons I am a big Schedule Once fan!  If you’re a Time Trade user and feel like I have it all wrong, please leave a comment below! I would love to hear your opinions.

9 thoughts on “Schedule Once or Time Trade?

  1. Thanks for the comparison review. I’ve been using Time Trade but am seriously considering switching to Schedule Once because of your point 3 plus the fact that guys like John Lee Dumas speak of it so highly.

  2. You make some great points and thanks for letting me know you can add an Administrator to your ScheduleOnce account. I didn’t realise you could!

    I made the move from TimeTrade to ScheduleOnce earlier this year and haven’t looked back. I’ve found ScheduleOnce support better and the interface easier to navigate.

  3. My tech leader and I had just settled on Schedule Once over Timetrade. Just before I was about to enroll with them, I wanted one more opinion and clicked on this post.

    Thank you for the well thought out post. And… I’m a client of Interview Connections!

    Thanks Jessica!

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