Are your [podcast] show notes boring?

rockthecast | Sep 5, 2013

Show notes are a great way to capture the valuable information that was mentioned in your podcast. It’s a way to give your audience the ways they can connect with your guests as well.

Simply writing up a blog post with your show notes and links is great and you should do that! But I have found a way to make show notes way more exciting! By putting show notes in to an infographic, you are going to WOW your audience; you’re going to increase the number of people you can reach because it’s literally repurposing the info from your podcast into a visual graphic (not just text) that can be shared on Pinterest, and gain way more attention on Facebook.

Here are a few examples of infographics that I made to capture show notes from a couple great podcasts.

To learn more about how ESS can help you turn your show notes into an infographic, email me at!

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