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Action Steps to Take After Your Podcast Interview

Just because you’ve finished recording your podcast interview, doesn’t mean the work is over.  There is much more to do following the interview if you are to successfully leverage the power of podcasting!  Here are the two most important actions steps to take immediately after you record your interview:

  1. Make the MOST of that Green Room Chat! The host will most likely invite you for a few minutes of chit chat once you’re off the air, so use this time very wisely!  My business coach, Jim Palmer has literally done hundreds of interviews both as a guest expert and a host, and he wisely uses this time at the end of the recording to give the host some coaching. The host appreciates the advice, and it shows off what a great coach Jim is!
  2. Gratitude: Send a thank-you card or gift to the host. This keeps you on their radar and makes you stand out and be remembered.  I was interviewed by Mary Kathryn Johnson on her podcast, Parent Entrepreneur Success, and during the interview, we discussed how much we both love coffee. The next day I purchased a one-pound bag of coffee from a local shop near my home in Rhode Island and sent it to her via USPS priority mail!   But even if you don’t choose to send a gift, send a thank-you note – a snail-mailed hand-written thank you. In this day and age of emails and texts, a note that arrives in envelope in someone’s mailbox really stands out. There is no excuse for not getting this done. It’s an easy way to continue to build the relationship and leverage the interview that’s already been recorded.

Remember: Podcast marketing is not about slimy tactics and gaming iTunes ranking algorithm. It’s about relationships! Taking these two simple yet important action steps will really help you #RockthePodcast as a guest expert!

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