A Quick & Simple Marketing Tip

rockthecast | Sep 6, 2013


When you start a new business, coming up with the name of it and the domain name can be a really fun but daunting task. You want something fun and creative, yet not too ‘out there.’ You also don’t want to be too boring. It’s daunting because you don’t want to pick a name that you hate and then you’re stuck with forever because if you want to change it, it’s very hard to do so!

Here are some basic rules you should follow when choosing a name!

1- Make sure it describes what you do; but leave room to grow
My business name is Entrepreneur Support Services. I support entrepreneurs. It couldn’t be any more direct! I do this with Pinterest marketing, client support and sales, and getting my clients interviews on radio shows. But I don’t want my business name to be too specific because a few years down the road, my services may change.

2- Make it easy to remember
Initials are hard to remember. You may know exactly what they stand for, but your prospects don’t.

3- Make it easy to spell; or create a solution.
How ironic is it that most entrepreneurs can’t spell that word!? I get a lot of complaints when I tell people my business name because ‘entrepreneur’ is a hard word to spell. I could say “get over it and learn how to spell, idiot!” But I’d probably lose a lot of business that way  The solution? Get an alternate domain name that redirects to your website! I snagged “” from GoDaddy a while ago and finally had my amazing web sensei, Adam Hommey, put it into use. Now whenever I speak with a prospect for my Pinterest and Infographic services, I can tell them instead of

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