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How to Prepare for Podcast Interviews

It’s never been easier to become a member of the media than it is today. If you’ve got recording software, a microphone, and an Internet connection, you can have your very own podcast or Internet radio show where you interview experts and establish yourself as an authority figure.

If you do not properly prepare for your interviews, however, you will quickly lose respect and listeners, and guests will speak poorly of you.
Here are three simple steps to preparing for a podcast interview:
Step 1: Listen to the guest’s recent interview on another show. This will allow you to learn their communication style, get ideas for questions to ask, or learn what questions not to ask (for e.g. if you’re making a point to ask questions, they don’t usually get asked).
Step 2: Browse through their website, read their bio, learn what they are selling, and check out their social media profiles. Make notes about things that struck your interest; the best questions come from your personal curiosity.
Step 3: Prepare and read your guest’s info and questions before jumping on the recording. Nothing makes you look like more of an amateur than reading an intro word for word and even stuttering or stumbling over your words (or worse, mispronouncing their name!)
Excluding the time it takes to listen to an interview they’ve done, which is only 30 minutes, most likely, your prep can be as little as 20 minutes! Do not skip any of these steps if you are committed to hosting memorable and professional interviews!
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