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How to Use Meet Edgar to Promote Your Content

When you are generating great content with your podcast interviews, promoting that content on social media is an important part of reaching your audience effectively.  But posting a link to your interviews just one time is not enough to grow the audience!  I’ve invested in a fantastic social media platform, Meet Edgar, and it has made a huge difference in my social media reach.


Meet Edgar not only allows you to schedule out your posts across numerous platforms, but it also creates a custom library that automatically posts from your RSS feeds AND from your previously posted content.  So instead of you manually posting a link to your social media accounts a few times, Meet Edgar will save your content and continually repost it according to the schedule you create!

Why does this matter to you as a podcaster or guest expert?  Because you never know how or when someone will connect with your content! Much of the content you share during your interviews should be evergreen, meaning it will be just as relevant a year from now as it was the day it was published.  When I first starting using Meet Edgar, I knew the value of reposting content, but I did not have time to keep reposting my archived blogs, videos and podcasts. By using Meet Edgar, my content is getting out there on social media without me doing it manually.

Whether you are active on social media through organic posts or through an awesome tool like Meet Edgar, make your posts intriguing.  Posting “Check out my interview!” without giving people a real reason to check it out, is just going to fall flat.  Try pulling out great quotes from your interviews that will pique their interest.  You can even use the quote to create an eye-catching graphic that will entice listeners even more.

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  1. I really like your article because it is useful for those who are looking out for the best social media scheduling tools. I personally suggest Meetedger. I am using this tool for a long because Edgar’s powerful features are worth the investment. It is a great social media scheduling tool that is designed for your success. I suggest adding as many categories and content as possible to avoid recycled updates. This requires creativity in your own content and those from other sources. MeetEdgar knows you would rather do something else, so it makes things super easy for you. This tool ensures that you don’t post anything twice unless you need to.

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