The Top 10 Tools I Use to Run Interview Connections

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On this episode of Rhodes to Success, I reveal the top ten tools I use to run my online business, stay connected with my team, and work efficiently. I also cover how to use these tools to implement the blueprint for podcast interview success.

Key Points:

1. Google For Work


  • This is the business account for Google.
  • It’s easy to set up email addresses.
  • You use Gmail as your email but there’s no lag time.

Google Drive

  • This is an easy an inexpensive way to arrange client files.

2. Highrise

  • This is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management software)
  • This is under the Basecamp umbrella.
  • Each client has a profile.
  • Within a profile you can add tags e.g prospect.
  • This can be linked to a Google Drive folder.
  • There isn’t as much storage for MP3 or PDFs.
  • The user interface is solid.
  • $20 month.

3. BaseCamp

  • Project management software.
  • This is used for each client’s podcast.
  • The client can have access to their Basecamp project.

4. Slack

  • Instant messaging for the team.
  • Separate and group channels.
  • Has phone tool.

5. Voxer

  • Great for verbal communication.
  • Walkie talkie app.
  • Sends voice messaging.
  • Good for quick notes.
  • There is free version and the paid version has broadcast chat.

6. Meet Edgar

  • Self-filing social scheduler.
  • This provides constant steams of Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • Excellent for evergreen content.

7. DropBox

  • Cloud-based storage.
  • Means you don’t have to save anything on your computer hard drive.
  • Folders are sharable to enable others to have access.
  • Accessible anywhere online.

8. Zoom

  • Video conferencing.
  • Has webinar feature.
  • Can record calls.
  • Multiple people on call via video.
  • People can call in and just be on audio not video.

9.  Ring Central

  • Can set up extensions for team member.
  • App allows you to call from it.
  • Can record calls.
  • Allows for text messages.
  • Phone messages are sent through via email on MP3.

10. Skype

  • Must have for online business and podcast interviews.
  • Only the highly trained ear will hear the difference between a double-ender call versus a call recorded on Skype.

How to use these tools to implement your blueprint for podcast interview success.

Google Spreadsheets

  • This is a great way to track interviews.
  • Put in the host name, email, mailing address, when the interview is recorded.
  • Can be updated in real time.
  • More than one person can access the sheet at the same time.

Resources Mentioned:




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Meet Edgar



Ring Central


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