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How to Generate Income By Being a Podcast Guest

ESCAPEI’ve been asked this question a lot and it’s one of the many topics of conversations we have with new guest expert clients at Interview Connections. When you invest your time and money into getting booked as a guest expert and appearing on podcasts, you want to see a return on your investment; you want to generate income in your business and, preferably, you want to generate income sooner rather than later.

Unlike a webinar or a teleseminar, you cannot and should not pitch a product or service you sell to a podcast audience on the air. That, of course, would be the fastest way to generate income but it’s also the fastest way to have podcasters never invite you back on their show or even worse, not publish the interview because you sounded like you just came on the podcast to pitch their listeners.

Instead, the strategy with podcast interviews is to build strong relationships with podcast hosts by providing an insane amount of value to their listeners! When you focus on the relationship with the host as well as providing a ton of value specifically for their listeners, you will magnetically attract new members to your community.

I know, I know, you opened this blog post for some quick, actionable steps you can take to generate income and all I’m telling you is to provide value and build relationships, which doesn’t seem like a fast way to generate short term income! Stay with me…

Here are some of my best tips for success when it comes to generating income by being a podcast guest:

Number 1: Start with the end in mind. What product or service do you ultimately hope the listeners (including the host) will invest in? You must be very clear and focused on this end goal and work back from there; all of the value you provide in an interview must be with the intention to guide listeners to this product or service that can solve their pain points.

Number 2: Plant seeds. My business coach, Jim Palmer, is constantly coaching me and our other mastermind members in the Dream Business Mastermind to plant seeds and he talks about this strategy in this video. In podcast interviews, planting seeds means as you’re giving answers, cite examples or tell stories that tell the listener what you do in your business. For example, when someone asks Jim Palmer in a podcast interview “What is the most effective marketing strategy he implements in his business” I guarantee he’ll not only answer the question, but he will say that he teaches the million dollar marketing platform at his live event Dream Biz Academy! So, he provides value; answers the question, but also plants a seed that may grow into an attendee as his live event and a paying coaching member!

Number 3: Strike while the iron is hot. In sales, the best time to close a deal is when the potential client is hot and excited! In the case of podcast interviews, that’s right after the host ends the interview and turns off the recording. If you had a great connection with the host; you truly ‘wowed’ them and they loved what you had to say AND you feel like what you offer in your business would truly help them grow, put on your big girl or big boy pants and pitch them. Not in a salsey way that would turn them off but let me give you an example. Back to Jim Palmer, my coach…

When he’s interviewed on a podcast, almost every time the host is totally jazzed after the interview! He has already planted seeds throughout the interview about his live event and coaching so after the recording stops, he’ll usually say “Listen, I know you’d get a ton of value from Dream Biz Academy, I’d love it if you registered and joined us at our next event! I can have my assistant follow up with some details.”

Remember, a timid salesman has hungry kids!

The Proof is in the Pudding

Lastly, success leaves tracks. So below are links to interviews where I know for a fact that the guest closed sales right away. Some of the guests sold books, others closed deals on some of their highest end services. So listen and learn!

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I have learned a great deal about marketing and sales from my coach, Jim Palmer. I highly encourage you to attend Dream Business Academy where I speak about podcasting and being a podcast guest! You can learn more about the event and register for the next one at (not an affiliate link).

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