Top 7 Reasons to Hire an Agency to Book Podcast Interviews

Getting booked on podcasts as a guest expert has enormous benefits for your branding and marketing strategy. Podcast interviews are great for your search engine optimization, lead generation and building relationships with referral partners in your niche.

The most effective way to go about getting yourself booked on podcasts is to hire a podcast booking agency. Hiring an agency that specializes in booking podcast interviews will save you time, money and get you the results you need faster. […]

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My Business Coach

I went full time with my entrepreneurial journey the day my son was born- March 10th, 2013 and the past 9 and a half months have been a complete whirlwind!

A huge reason that I have increased my business revenue by over 150% in the past nine months is because I have a business coach who can see things in my business that I can’t see. I’m thankful because my dad, Jim Palmer – The Newsletter Guru is my business coach. He has totally whipped me into shape and has taught me how to build a real business. No magic success pills or short cuts involved.


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