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IC016: How the Horse Radio Network Produces 80+ Episodes a Month

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Jess is going to acupuncture, and Margy is painting cat portraits! Then, check out a great interview with Glenn the Geek founder of The Horse Radio Network.

Behind The Scenes at Horse Radio Network:

-Having systems in place (like Google Sites) allows for the huge number of shows

-How to audition potential co hosts and what’s most important in a co host

-How live events can build trust with potential clients and show your staying power

In our new segment called “Winne or Losie,” we discuss podcasting trends like…

-should you ask listeners to subscribe?

-are ratings and reviews BS?

-online groups and forums

Resources Mentions:

Horse Radio Network

Google Sites

5 Love Languages

Horse Radio Network App

IC013: It’s Time to Sell with Chris Spurvey


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On today’s episode, Jess and Margy interview Canadian business executive turned podcaster, Chris Spurvey. Chris shares how he balances his personal brand with his executive role, his top sales mindset tips for entrepreneurs and how he stays so productive by working smart not hard.

Also in this episode: Margy is getting outdoorsy with a handsome gentleman friend, and Jess has seen the light about Himalayan salt lamps (see what we did there?!)

How Chris balances in his role as VP of Business Development for KPMG with his work as a sales/personal brand consultant:

-was lacking fulfillment in a large organization

-decided to write a book, which started his personal brand

-KPMG is very supportive of everything because his personal brand is helping word get out about the company

-people already know like and trust him because they have read his articles and listened to his shows

Chris’s journey with podcasting:

-Chris always had a dream of writing a book

-He used to think sales was “pushing people” and objection fighting, but began to see sales as more relationship based

-His own book is a narrative about him becoming comfortable with sales and finding success, but writing the book made him realize he didn’t have an audience to read it!

-Podcasting is a great platform builder and multiplier to connect with people at your level and above and tap into their audiences (and also learn a lot)

How entrepreneurs can be more authentic with potential clients:

-Observe your buyer’s emotions

-Help clients feel good about themselves in your presence

-Personal branding is key! EVERY entrepreneur should write or podcast to get their personality out there

-You can hire someone to help with your writing or podcast, so don’t let a lack of confidence hold you back

-As you grow your personal brand, you find your potential clients come to YOU

Chris puts out so much content. How does he stay SO productive?

-He used to run around like a chicken with his head cut off, but now he is a well-oiled content machine

-He got a VA, and they learned to work very well together

-Chris makes a short video, and his VA writes a draft of an article from that video and creates quote cards

-For the podcast, he creates an article instead of show notes

Resources Mentioned:

The Greatest Networker in the World

Mach II With Your Hair on Fire

Stand Out

Chris’s Book


IC008: Make Your Podcast Shareable featuring Perry Marshall

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Welcome to Rock the Podcast! Hosts Jessica and Margy welcome the author of the controversial book, Evolution 2.0, Perry Marshall. Perry tells us why he wrote the book, why podcasting is a great way to get exposure for your business, and the importance of adaptation.

Perry Marshall — Author

You may know Perry from his best-selling marketing guides, Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords and 80/20 Sales and Marketing. Perry says his new book, Evolution 2.0, started as a side project, and isn’t rooted in religion or biology, like many assume. It’s written from a business and technology perspective. It twists away from the normal philosophical conversation about evolution.

To spread the word about his new book, Perry enlisted Interview Connections to find him podcast hosts who didn’t mind delving into the taboo. Jessica and Margy admit it was difficult, but they stuck with it, eventually finding a niche in health-related podcasts.

Perry Says Being a Guest on Podcasts:

  • Sells his books.
  • Makes the most of his publicity budget.
  • Introduces him to new audiences he may never have had access to before.
  • Allows him a deeper connection with the audience, because he is directly in their ear.

Word of Mouth Winner

  • Both Margy and Jess are hooked on the S-Town Podcast. It is on the top of the iTunes charts, and has an ever-growing loyal following. Margy wasn’t going to take the time to download it, but she heard about from so many people she just had to listen.
  • S-Town proves that if you put in the work and make a really great podcast, it will pay off. So, check out Brian Reed’s rich stories and characters, and tell him Jess and Margy sent ya.

Resources Mentioned:

Interview Connections

Interview Connections TV

@InterviewConnections on Instagram

Cosmic Fingerprints

Evolution 2.0: Breaking the Deadlock Between Darwin and Design

S-Town Podcast

StartUp Podcast

How to Analyze Podcast Stats


If you follow me on social media, read my blog or watch my videos, you’ve heard me talk about why download stats for your podcast don’t matter.  Well, today I’m going to contradict myself a bit by writing all about STATS!

In the spirit of full transparency, take a look at my download stats for Rhodes to Success:


To start off, I need to be clear that the actual number of download numbers per episode don’t matter to me.  What I analyze are the trends in my stats; when downloads go down, when they stay the same, when they go up and why.  When I see that little orange line go up, it means my audience is growing. That tells me that I’m I’m honing in on my target market and delivering content that they find valuable. It also tells me I’m reaching more people as my business and my podcast grows.

Friends, growing an audience takes time.  It took a solid year of producing and fine-tuning my podcast before I saw my audience grow.  By staying connected with my audience I have been able to make adjustments to my show and establish myself as an expert in my niche.

While ramping up my marketing strategy has helped grow my audience and connect with my listeners, remember that great marketing can’t make up for a bad podcast. You can’t polish a turd! Don’t get so focused on “growing your audience” that the quality of your show falls by the wayside.  I did not invest in much marketing for my podcast until a year after I launched. Today, I invest in a social media manager and I recently invested in Meet Edgar to repost my old content as well.  Have these marketing strategies help grow my podcast?  The answer is an unequivocal YES.  But don’t forget, the quality of your show is most important. In addition to ramping up my marketing, I also have improved the quality of my production and my interview skills.

If you host your podcast on Libsyn or another hosting service, you can easily log in to check your own download numbers and trend data.  Keep in mind as you review your data that it is NOT the number of downloads that matter.  What truly matters are the people behind those numbers.  Even if you aren’t seeing growth or maybe you are even seeing a decline, take a step back and evaluate how you are engaging with your listeners.  If your stats are doing down but your engagements are going up, you are on the right track!  You are honing in to your target market and reaching the people who are truly going to benefit from your show.  And those are the people who are going to eventually convert into paying customers and grow your business.

Podcasting is so much more than stats and download numbers.  Podcasting is connecting with real people.  If you like my content and think it applies to you and your business, I’d love to connect with you through my podcast Rhodes to Success and my weekly videos Interview Connections TV.

Video Trailers for Podcast Promotion


Looking for a unique way to engage your listeners BEFORE they hear even one of your episodes? Try creating a video trailer for your podcast!

I co-host The Podcast Producers with my good friend Corey Coates. This year, we’re going into Season 2 of the show, and while we already had a great trailer for Season 1, we wanted to give our listeners, old and new, a taste of what they could expect in the upcoming season.

Check it out!

If you’ve never heard of The Podcast Producers, that minute and a half you just spent watching that video gave you a pretty clear picture of the show.  Not only do you know what the show is and what topics we’ll be covering, you know the hosts, the guests, the launch date, the website, etc. – not bad for 90 seconds!

But video trailers deliver so much more than just information – they bring visual perspective to an audio medium. Trailers help listeners put a face to the voice they hear, building instant rapport. The Podcast Producers’ trailer not only gives you a “behind the scenes” look at the hosts, but it gives you a personal look at the guests as well.  With videos like this, you’re starting to build connections and establish familiarity before an episode even airs.

So whether you are starting a new podcast, launching a new season, or even right in the middle of your normal episode releases, consider developing a trailer for your show.  You’ll be able to connect with your audience – and attract new listeners as well!  And don’t miss Season 2 of The Podcast Producers, hitting iTunes and Stitcher Radio on April 5, 2016!

How to book, schedule and manage podcast guests 

How-to-book-graphicIf you want to have a successful, well-respected and highly recommended podcast, then you need to make it super easy for your guests to get booked and scheduled! After all, if your guests enjoy their experience not only during the interview but before and after the recording, they’ll become a raving fan and brand ambassador for your podcast.

First, make sure your ask is clear and specific and they have an understanding of what you want to talk to them about during the interview. A confused guest is a frustrated guest!

Next, make the scheduling process super easy. I recommend using a scheduled like Schedule Once. However, sometimes guests will not want to use a software and prefer a more personal touch. Never hesitate to call them and schedule a time manually.

Ask your guest for only what you need, not everything you want. Request the contact info you will need the day of the interview (skype name and back up phone number), a brief bio or preferred intro, headshot, and any preferred suggestions or talking points. Communicate the fact that you ask for talking points so that you can steer to conversation to focus on the topic that will best spotlight them!

If the guest doesn’t schedule within 2 business days, or they don’t send you their info, send a friendly reminder and follow up. Chances are they forgot!

Send a confirmation email before the recording with whatever info they need to be prepared for the interview (your questions, your skype name), and most importantly, connect on social media and start building a relationship!


The One Thing You Need to do To Be a Good Interviewer 


Podcast Movement 2015 took place recently in Texas and while I unfortunately could not attend due to my pregnancy, I had an opportunity to watch some of the sessions on Periscope. From the little bit I saw online, the biggest highlight was when an attendee asked WTF host Marc Maron his biggest tip for being a good interviewer. His answer was one word:


Stephen Covey writes in “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” that you should seek first to understand, then to be understood. Think about it- when we are in a conversation with someone, most of the time our brain is thinking about what we want to say next. When you’re thinking about what you’re about to say, you cannot also be listening and fully taking in what the other person is saying!

When you have a guest on your podcast, make it your goal to get the guest talking about a topic that truly interests them; a topic that they have a lot to say about and lights them up.

(Side note: This is why I dislike scripted questions and interview shows with a set flow of questions. I believe questions need to be written for each guest personally.)

When you ask that first question and hear your guest start talking, don’t look at your notes, don’t think about what your next question will be, just listen very intently. Your next questions should help the guest dig deeper, clarify something they said or build off of a story they shared.

My last tip is to book guests that YOU are interested in speaking with. It’s really hard to have chemistry with a guest who bores you and when that’s the case your listeners will be disengaged too.

If you work with my team of booking agents at Interview Connections, we can help you figure out what guests are right for you and book interviews on your show that will interest you and make for great interviews! Visit to learn more and get started today.

Hobby podcasters vs. Business podcasters

Hobby-Podcasters-vs.-Business-Podcasters-for-socialThere is an interesting divide between ‘hobby podcasters’ and ‘business podcasters.’ For the sake of discussion, I define hobby podcasters as though who host a podcast for the sheer love of the medium; they have no intention or goal to make money with their show. Business podcasters are those who are using a podcast to make money in someway; whether that is through sponsorships or advertising revenue, or by leveraging the podcast to grow an existing business.

You may be placing yourself in one category or the other. Perhaps you’re reading this and thinking, I’m in podcasting for business, but I love the medium! I do!

Well, the interesting thing that I discovered as I interviewed podcasters for The Podcast Producers was that successful podcasters do not place themselves on just one side of this coin.

If you are an entrepreneur and you are hosting a podcast to grow your business and make more money, you will have a difficult time lasting if you don’t have a love for the medium of on demand audio content.

Corey and I had a lot of great discussions about this subject on episode 2 of The Podcast Producers. I encourage you to listen and learn about the ‘hobby vs. business’ conversation!

3 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do

As I grow my business and am faced with various challenges and obstacles, I keep learning how important a strong entrepreneurial mindset is.

Here are 3 things I know to be true about the mindset of a successful entrepreneur:

  1. biz-woman-megaphoneSuccessful entrepreneurs can take the heat. There is no doubt that as you grow your business and as more people start following you, you’re going to get critics and sometimes haters. Successful entrepreneurs know that if they are providing a good service or a good product, it’s important to take the heat and let it go. (cue Frozen theme song)
  2. Successful entrepreneurs know the value of their time. When you run a successful business and grow to run several successful businesses, you cannot do everything yourself. You have to invest and outsource in a team to help you manage all the tasks that go into running and growing your company! Successful entrepreneurs only do the tasks that they are best at and no one else can do.
  3. Successful entrepreneurs communicate clearly. Whether it’s hiring a new team member, working with a new client, or having an introductory phone call with a potential partner, successful entrepreneurs don’t hesitate saying what needs to be said (even if it’s uncomfortable).

Are you taking the heat well or does it make you blow up and write a super angry blog post that you need to delete once you calm down? Are you investing in your growth by hiring a virtual assistant to help you grow? Are you communicating clearly?

I guarantee that if you do these three things, you’ll see a huge improvement in your business success!


[Guests] Tips for Getting Rid of First Interview Nerves

perfect2A lot of entrepreneurs that I work with at Interview Connections are experts in their industry but have not yet started getting media exposure through podcast interviews. And for those entrepreneurs who are more introverted or even those who are extroverted sometimes get very nervous before interviews.

Podcasts are here to stay. They are changing the game for how businesses get media exposure. No longer do you need to only be spending money on press releases and going after traditional news outlets. With podcasts, you can get in front of your target market and have an intimate and honest conversation about your business and your authentic self.

So don’t shy away from podcast interviews! If you are nervous, here are some tips to get started:

  1. Prepare interview questions for the host and before the interview, write out word for word what you would say to answer the questions. You shouldn’t read your answers in the interview but by writing those out beforehand, it will help make you more comfortable during the call.
  2. Practice! Practice by pretending to interview yourself or practice with your mentor or your coach. Interviews on podcasts are similar to a one on one conversation but they are a little different because they need to be engaging and entertaining for an audience.
  3. Just start. The best way to be a great guest is to get interviewed a lot. Your first interview may suck, but that’s okay! Just keep getting yourself out there and get out of your comfort zone. That is the only way you will grow!