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Get booked- Now get prepared!

When you are booked for an interview on a podcast, make sure you are prepared at least 24 hours ahead of time! Here are some things to check-

  • You have call-in details
  • You are connected with the host on Skype
  • Your microphone or headset works
  • If the host is supposed to call you for the interview but doesn’t reach out at the time of the scheduled recording, send him or her an instant message on Skype (or Facebook chat) to say you’re ready or initiate just the call to the host yourself.
  • Get a mobile or office phone number to call in case of a last-minute technical difficulty or emergency rescheduling.
  • Have a quiet office!  Do not schedule interviews when your kids are running around making noise; get your dogs and cats out of the room.  If the interview is on Skype, unplug your landline and turn off your cell phone.  Shut down Facebook and any other websites that ‘ping.’
  • Last but NOT least- Don’t even think of typing something while you’re on the interview- the sound of the keyboard will pick up on the interview, and it will sound very unprofessional!

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