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Jim Palmer on Being Authentic in Interviews

At the GKIC Superconference I met with another very special guest for a quick interview, Jim Palmer, who happens to be my dad! He is of course a very successful and well-respected entrepreneur, and podcaster, known internationally as the Newsletter Guru and host of Stick Like Glue Radio.

If you want to learn more about him, visit, or listen to his podcast Stick Like Glue Radio. If you want to book him for an interview, you can email me,

Here’s is a short transcript of our interview from Interview Connections TV:

Why do you do interviews on podcasts and internet radio shows?

I think it was Harvey Mackay that said “dig your well before you get thirsty,” which means even if you have a successful business now, it is important to plant seeds for the future. You cannot only think about the present, you have to think about how to grow your business and get higher future revenue.

Being a guest on podcasts is a great way of getting your message out to many people at once, instead of just meeting them one-to-one. It doesn’t matter how big the podcast is, you are just looking to connect with the listeners, to get your brand out to the people, to spread your message and get new clients.

So, many people nowadays are considering starting their own podcast as a platform to grow their business. What is your advice to them on how to be a stand-out host?

I started doing videos 5 years ago, and have had my own podcast for two years. The most important things I’ve learned after around six months of doing videos is that you always have to be yourself. Before that I tried to act like a strictly professional businessman, but only when I started to be myself, did I actually resonate with my audience.

So when I have a guest, I always tell them that we will just have a chat, like we were talking in a café with the people around us overhearing our conversation and I encourage everyone to do the same. This way the interview will be much more enjoyable for your audience.

One of the most important things I’ve learned from you is the importance of being authentic. So many podcasters try to copy the style of other famous and successful hosts, but it is much more important to just be yourself, to create your own style.

Exactly. When I’m an interviewee I always tell the host not to be afraid of interacting with me, even by interrupting me so that it sounds like real conversation, not just a dry question and answer type of thing. That’s why it’s good to pre-frame the conversation before the recording starts, to put your host at ease, let them know that you are ready to answer any kind of question.

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