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Benefits of Getting Interviewed on Podcasts

If you’re a coach, consultant, finance expert, or agency owner who is building a personal brand, you’ve probably thought about getting interviewed on podcasts. The obvious benefit to getting featured in major media outlets like Entrepreneur, Inc, and Forbes is the credibility that comes with aligning your brand with theirs. Just look at how we reacted to a mention in Forbes:

What are the benefits to being interviewed on podcasts? They’re smaller and most podcasts are not household names. Getting interviewed on podcasts is not for your ego or bragging rights; this strategy is for entrepreneurs who are in it for the fortune, not the fame.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Getting interviewed on podcasts is an easy and inexpensive way to get backlinks to your website all over the web. I’ve been interviewed on dozens of podcasts and due to that media exposure, InterviewConnections.com has been mentioned in dozens of articles and blog posts, including Forbes and Entrepreneur. Now, when people are searching for podcast interview solutions, our website floods the first page of Google results.

New Relationships:

Our client, Tanya Conner-Green, has seen an 8x return on her investment working with Interview Connections. Not because of how many listeners have heard her podcast, but because of the relationships she’s formed through the connections we’ve made for her with podcast hosts.

When you get interviewed on podcasts, you leave each interview having new relationship with a fellow entrepreneur in your industry: the podcast host! So much can come from relationships in your industry: referrals, new clients, JV opportunities, and great friends.

Brand Building:

“Brand Building is generating awareness, establishing and promoting company using strategies and tactics.”* By getting interviewed on podcasts at least once a week, you’re getting in front of thousands of new leads a month.

In addition to getting exposure for your company, getting interviewed on podcasts also endears listeners to you. By listening to you have a conversation with a podcaster they already like, they get to know your personality and will be more likely to want to work with you.

Bonus Benefit: Sales!

The top three benefits of getting interviewed are SEO, new relationships, and brand building, and one major bonus benefit to getting interviewed on podcasts are new sales! But keep in mind, most listeners will not become your client right away. The first interview they hear with you is like the first date, and they’re not ready to get married. But love at first site is a real possibility, so another major bonus benefit is getting new clients!

If you’re ready to get interviewed on podcasts, fill out an online application to work with us at Interview Connections! We can strategize with you, create your one sheet, and give you a list of shows to approve before any pitches go out. Apply today!