Create Your Podcast Avatar

“I’m the perfect podcast for everyone!” said no podcaster ever. At least not any podcaster who was telling the truth! Your podcast needs to be perfect for one specific kind of person. Know who that person is. In this episode I’ll talk about why you need to know who your podcast avatar is and what questions you need to ask to figure out who they are!

4 thoughts on “Create Your Podcast Avatar

  1. I have heard a lot about the avatar discussion in my years of podcasting but I’m still yet to totally understand HOW to figure out the ideal avatar for the show. By that I mean how do we get to the core and get past wanting the show to be for everyone and discern where my podcast fits in the realm of podcast listeners? Is it arbitrary and just what the Podcaster feels or is there a more direct way to figure this out with stats and/or surveys? How do I get out of my own way and get specific?

  2. Good question, Jeff. I think it takes time to figure that out because it takes time to get into the groove of your show. There is not hard and fast rule to this. Some podcasters have a very specific avatar; they can describe one kind of person in great detail. Other’s describe their ideal listener more generally (anyone who has x pain point, for ex.) My podcast avatar is not so specific where I can tell you age, sex, gender, etc. For me, it’s anyone who wants to be a guest on podcasts and grow their business leveraging the power of podcasting.

    Your ideal listener isn’t who is actually listening, it’s who you want to attract.

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