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How to have more authentic interviews

If you invite a guest onto your podcast who is interesting, knowledgeable and successful, the odds are that they have given many interviews before, meaning that they will have ready-made responses and go-to stories for most questions. On the one hand this is great, because they have probably polished those answers to perfection, but on the other it can also make your content sound a bit scripted, a bit of a routine exercise for the interviewee.

To avoid this, you have to somehow surprise them with questions they aren’t asked a lot, which can get them off their usual script and help achieve a free-flowing, natural conversation. This will help your listeners understand the mindset and story of the guest; they will open up more and give you a really special interview.

So, if you’d like your guest to provide truly unique content for your listeners, try to get into their minds, find a few questions that can surprise them either before or during the interview, and ask one of them whenever the interview starts to sound a bit scripted. This way your entire show will sound authentic and honest. Listeners really appreciate those things!

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