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Why Should I Provide Show Notes For My Podcast?

Show notes, simply put, are the copy you write for the blog post that accompanies your podcast episode on your website. They can be as short as one paragraph and links to resources mentioned in the show, or they can be a full transcript.

You can outsource show notes to a virtual assistant or write them yourself.

If you don’t want to outsource them or don’t have the financial resources to pay someone to write them, the time you spend on writing show notes can be a total drag. You may ask yourself, what is the point of these? Is anyone really reading them?

If you visit, you’ll see that I provide show notes for every episode of my podcast. I also have writers on staff at Interview Connections to make it easy for our clients to have show notes for their podcast because I believe show notes are an important part of making podcasting an effective marketing tool for your business.

Here’s why. Number 1: Google can’t listen (I heard Chris Brogan say this at Podcast Movement). SEO (search engine optimization) 101 says that the more fresh copy on your website, the more you’ll pop up in search engine results.

Number 2: You must ask yourself: Do you want me to listen to your podcast or do you want people to consume your content? Frankly, if I produce content that I want people to consume, I could care less if they read it or listen to it! By producing detailed show notes that bullet points or summarizes the information you communicate in your show, you’re going to help more people! Just the other day I saw a post on Facebook about a topic I was curious about. I clicked the link and saw I had to listen to the podcast to get the information. Well, at that moment, I was sitting on the couch watching TV with my husband so I didn’t want to turn on a podcast. No show notes meant I bounced from that site within 5 seconds!

To learn more about how Interview Connections can produce amazing show notes for your show, email!