How to get your guests promote your podcast

rockthecast | Mar 30, 2014

One question I get asked a lot from my clients at Interview Connections is How do I get my guests to promote their interviews? and a few people even said they are considering requiring the guest to do so. Hear me loud and clear: requiring your guests to promote your show is a very bad idea!

You have to take having interviewees on your podcast as seriously as if they were guests in your home.

Last week my son Nathan had his first birthday party and one of my friends called me to ask what kind of gift they should  bring. I told her of course that she shouldn’t bring anything, that the only thing I wanted was her company.

The most important reason you should invite a guest on your show is because you want them to deliver great content to your audience.

So asking them to e-mail their list about the interview is very impolite- it makes it look like you only want them on the show so you can promote to their list. Don’t forget that the people who can provide you great content are busy and successful entrepreneurs, so requiring them to promote your podcast would leave a really bad taste in their mouth and they will probably just decline your invitation to do the interview at all!

If you provide your guests a spotlight to share their story, to provide valuable, actionable content, all the rest will follow: They will feel compelled to share about it on social media, and you will have successfully laid the foundation for creating a fruitful long-term relationship with them since you made them feel welcomed and appreciated.

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