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Top 5 Podcasts About Cannabis & Mushrooms

As the cannabis and mushroom industries continue to grow and gain mainstream acceptance, more and more people are becoming interested in these natural substances’ business and health benefits. This is especially true on April 20th, also known as 4/20, a day that has become synonymous with cannabis culture.

To celebrate this day, we at Interview Connections have compiled a list of five informative podcasts that our Booking Team has booked interviews for, in the cannabis and mushroom space. Each podcast features industry experts discussing the latest trends, innovations, and benefits of cannabis and mushrooms.


  1. Blunt Business: Hosted by Alain Goldberg, this podcast features interviews with top executives, industry leaders, and experts in the cannabis space. Check out the episode with our client Chris Walsh, CEO of MJBiz, for an insider’s look at the cannabis industry.
  2. MJBulls Cannabis Investing and Cannabis Fundraising: Hosted by Dan Humiston, this podcast is dedicated to helping investors and entrepreneurs navigate the complex world of cannabis investing and fundraising. Check out the episode featuring our clients David Miller and Erich Maelzer for insights on the latest trends in cannabis investing.
  3. The Mushroom Show: Hosted by Andrew Carter, this podcast explores the world of mushrooms and their benefits, from medicinal to culinary. Check out the episode with our client Jeff Chilton, a renowned mushroom expert, and author, for a deep dive into the world of mushroom cultivation.
  4. The Alternative Dog Moms: Hosted by Kimberly Gauthier and Erin Scott, this podcast focuses on alternative health solutions for dogs, including the benefits of CBD and mushrooms. Check out the episode featuring our clients, Dr. Rob Silver and Joni Kamlet, for insights on how mushrooms can benefit your furry friends.
  5. Your Natural Dog: Hosted by our client Angela Ardolino, this podcast is all about natural health solutions for dogs, including the benefits of CBD and other holistic remedies. Check out the episodes on CBD and mushrooms for dogs for helpful tips on keeping your pets healthy and happy.


We believe that podcast guesting is a powerful tool for entrepreneurs to educate people on alternative health solutions and end the stigma around cannabis and mushrooms. By sharing their knowledge and expertise on these topics, our clients are helping to promote a more informed and open-minded approach to natural remedies.

At Interview Connections, we are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and thought leaders share their message with the world through podcast guesting. If you want to learn more about how we can book you as a guest on top podcasts in your industry, click here to book a consultation call with us.