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Interviews Bring Entrepreneurs Together!

The journey for an entrepreneur is a difficult one.  We all have our ups and our downs and a quote I heard recently was that entrepreneurs are the only people that can be extremely happy and depressed in the same 24 hour period (I’m paraphrasing).

I recently launched a very exciting new business called Interview Connections (, where I schedule guest experts for interviews on my client’s podcasts and radio shows.  Things are starting to heat up and I gotta tell you- I’m having such a great time!!

First, people love being interviewed; it positions them as successful entrepreneurs and gives them 30-60 minutes to be spotlighted; who wouldn’t love that?!

And my clients are finding this service a time saver and are excited about all the exciting guests coming their way that they would not have found if they were searching on their own time-strapped schedule.

I had this ‘aha’ moment yesterday as well.  My business is for hosts, but people who want to be interviewed are coming to me to get on my radar.  I am so jazzed about this structure I’m setting up because I feel like ‘we’re all in this together.’

Do you love your business?  Are your clients excited about the products or services you have? Please comment and let me know how!