3 Steps To Improving Your Call To Action


Without delivering a strong call to action during your podcast interviews, you’re going to miss out on a lot of the value that podcasting can bring.  Here are 3 tips for crafting a killer call to action that will drive listeners to your website.

Make it easy to remember– Send listeners to an easy URL, ideally your home base on the web.  I send listeners to www.JessicaRhodes.biz (and yes, I do spell out “R-H-O-D-E-S” so no one ends up at JessicaRoads.biz). If you have a free gift or a specific offer for that podcast audience, send listeners to a landing page with a URL that includes /NameOfthePodcast

Stick to one call to action: If you tell listeners too many options of ways they can connect with you, they’ll forget them all. Stick to one call to action that is easy to remember.

Make it valuable – No one will take action if they do not find what you are offering valuable. Your free offer, or the website you drive people to, should have content and information that helps the listeners take action on what you talked about in your interview.

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