How to Give a Good Call to Action on a Podcast

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When you are interviewed as a guest expert on podcasts in your niche, it is very important that you have a call to action at the end of your interviews which motivate listeners to do something that will bring them into your community. There’s two very important characteristics of a call to action that actually works.

Number one, a good call to action is specific and easy to remember. If you are telling listeners to go to your website, to go to Twitter, to email you, to call you, they are not going to remember. People listen to podcasts mostly on mobile devices. They are walking through their neighborhood like I am. They are at the gym. They’re in the car. If you’re telling them to email you and do all this stuff on their computer, they are likely not going to remember so give them a very clear and specific call to action.

Your call to action must also be something that people actually want. A lot of people forget about this. You can have a very clear and specific call to action, but if people don’t actually want what you’re offering then they’re not going to go to your website. They’re not going to text you to get your offer. They’re not going to call you. Make sure that the offer you have is very clearly related to and tied to the interview. If you’re being interviewed about email marketing, make sure that the offer you have is something that is going to help them implement the email marketing tips that you talked about.

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