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The Importance of Optimizing Your Pinterest Page

If you’re an online entrepreneur, you probably know a little something about SEO- search engine optimization.  SEO is extremely important for all businesses, but especially online businesses that don’t have a storefront for potential customers to walk by.

One thing you should do is keyword research to find out what keywords are best to use on your website, and on your Pinterest page to draw more traffic to you online.  Google has a tool called Adwords (  I recommend playing around on that site to find some good keywords for your website and for social media.  The basic rule that I have learned is you don’t want to use keywords that are extremely popular because you’ll likely never be found (or be on the 50th google results page) and you don’t want to use an extremely unpopular keyword because hardly anyone will use those keywords in their searches.

Pinterest is a very important site to use keywords.  You want your Pinterest profile to be “Keyword Rich” not “Keyword heavy.” Don’t go crazy typing in every keyword with a hashtag in front that could possibly link to you.  You will look desperate to gain followers!  Choose the best keywords that describe you and your business and use them in your profile description, pin descriptions, and board descriptions where applicable.  If you do this correctly, you will gain more followers because your ideal followers will find you in their search engine results!

Every time I get a new follower on Pinterest, I check out who they are if I don’t know them already.  Recently, I have noticed that a ton of new followers of mine are work-at-home moms or bloggers about work-at-home moms.  I have in my Pinterest profile that I am a work-at-home mom!  I have no doubt that these new followers of mine are finding me by searching Google or Pinterest for ‘work at home mom’ and seeing my page in their search results.

If you want someone to find you or your business in their search results, what words should you use?  Think about what you write in your Pinterest profile strategically and you will gain more followers!