4 Ways I Grew My Business By Being A Social Butterfly

rockthecast | Jul 19, 2013



I think by now 95% of the civilized world is on social media. Most business owners know that social media marketing is a powerful and mostly free way to get exposure to their prospects, customers and clients. Every so often though, something happens to me and my business or I build relationships with new people and I am reminded just how powerful social media is for business owners!

1. Be sociable on social media! The definition I got on Google for the word sociable is “willing to talk and engage in activities with other people; friendly.’ To be sociable on social media, you have to do just what the definition says- talk to people! Don’t be afraid to message people and engage with them on something you have in common. Be friendly; as a business owner, social media is not a place to complain, bash people, or be rude. If you are a positive and friendly person on social media, people will want to follow you and read your posts!

2. Like, like, like! On Facebook, like pages of people in your niche and follow what they are doing and saying. In the words of my Dad, and coach, Jim Palmer, “Success Leaves Clues.” Get ideas from successful entrepreneurs on how to build your social media presence by liking their pages and seeing how they are using social media to build their business.

3. Stay on the radar of people you want to have a relationship with! There is so much power in commenting on or liking status updates and pins as well as retweeting or favoriting tweets on Twitter. If you consistently do this with people that you want to have a relationship with, you will stay on their radar. Then one day, maybe they need what you offer, or someone they know needs what you offer and because you stayed on their radar, they will call you! I’ve been in business less than a year and this happens to me!

4. The power of reciprocity: Use social media as a place to be a giver. I’ll pull back the curtain for you. Twice now, I have created custom infographics for some very successful entrepreneurs that I want to have a relationship with. I emailed it to them and posted it on social media. The result? They were very grateful for the time and creativity I used for their benefit and they shared the infographic with their massive audience. It was, in my eyes a win/win scenario and we all walked away from that connection very happy!

I have learned so much over the past 10 months or so of being an entrepreneur but the biggest lesson I want to share right now is that success and new clients and customers will come from building strong relationships. All of my clients have come from referrals. The relationships I have built are a direct result of connections on social media.
How have YOU grown your business using social media?

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