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Hobby Podcasters vs. Business Podcasters

Hobby-Podcasters-vs.-Business-Podcasters-for-socialThere is an interesting divide between ‘hobby podcasters’ and ‘business podcasters.’ For the sake of discussion, I define hobby podcasters as though who host a podcast for the sheer love of the medium; they have no intention or goal to make money with their show. Business podcasters are those who are using a podcast to make money in someway; whether that is through sponsorships or advertising revenue, or by leveraging the podcast to grow an existing business.

You may be placing yourself in one category or the other. Perhaps you’re reading this and thinking, I’m in podcasting for business, but I love the medium! I do!

Well, the interesting thing that I discovered as I interviewed podcasters for The Podcast Producers was that successful podcasters do not place themselves on just one side of this coin.

If you are an entrepreneur and you are hosting a podcast to grow your business and make more money, you will have a difficult time lasting if you don’t have a love for the medium of on demand audio content.

Corey and I had a lot of great discussions about this subject on episode 2 of The Podcast Producers. I encourage you to listen and learn about the ‘hobby vs. business’ conversation!

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