Monetize Your Podcast Without Any Sponsors

rockthecast | May 28, 2015


Contrary to popular belief, sponsorships and advertisements are not the only way you can monetize your podcast! In fact, if you have a business already and your podcast is related to your business, I do not recommend that you take on third party advertisers. The reason being is that you will be directing your listener’s attention away from you!

If you provide valuable content to your listeners and it attracts people to you, your brand and your business so that they become paying clients, or refer people to you, then you’ve monetized your podcast!

It’s not as easy to measure how much money you make with your podcast than if you were to have advertisers paying you directly for air time, but it could potentially be much, much more.

So remember, as an entrepreneur your podcast is a great way to provide value to your audience, attract a following and capture leads who can turn into paying clients. Sponsors are not the only way you can monetize your podcast.

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