List Building Tips for Podcasters

Whether you have your own podcast or you are getting interviewed as a guest expert, one of the great benefits you’ll experience is building your email list.  In order to have the maximum number of listeners opt-in to your list, you need to have a killer landing page with the following elements:

1. A simple URL.  At some point during your interview or podcast, take the opportunity to direct listeners to a clear, simple URL.  Remember, most people are listening while in the car, at the gym, etc. so they may not have the opportunity to write down what you are saying.  Make it logical, short, and easy to remember.

2. Text message marketing.   Text message marketing makes it easy for people to opt in. I recently started using to provide listeners with a keyword to text which brings them to a landing page on their mobile device.

3. An awesome free gift. Your landing page should entice listeners with an awesome free gift that will make them happy to opt in to get it.  This should be high value content that will give them a taste of the knowledge and expertise you have to offer, which will ultimately drive them to your paid services or products.  Take a look on the right hand side of this post to check out my free video series “How to #RockthePodcast from BOTH Sides of the Mic.”  Your free gift could also be a white paper, courseware, free ebook, or other medium for your content.

4. A short form to capture essential data – Have you ever gone to a landing page for a free gift and the form makes you fill out way too much information?  How annoying is that?!?  The longer the form is, the less likely people will fill it out and the more likely you will miss out on subscribers.  Keeping the form as simple as just requesting their first name and email address can be extremely effective.

But why not make it super simple and just ask for their email address? Gary George, founder and CEO of Blazin Multimedia, explained that while forms capturing email addresses often result in more opt-ins, forms that capture both first name and email address result in more conversions.  Why?  Because the one word people recognize the most is their own name.  Having the subscriber’s first name allows you to personalize subject lines and content, which is an extremely effective way to stand out in the clutter of a busy inbox.

5. An uncluttered layout – Keep the users focused on what you want them to do (opt in) by keeping your landing page clean, simple, and to the point.  It should only contain a brief description of your free gift and the opt-in form and nothing else.  By filling your landing page with long descriptions, links to other resources, etc., the users will get distracted by less important information or navigate away completely.  Make it easy for them to get what they came for and for you to get a new subscriber to your list.

Ready to harness the power of podcasting to build your list?  Contact me and my team at Interview Connections to get started.

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