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Discovering New Podcasts

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Are you a guest who wants to find shows that are in your target market? This episode of Rhodes to Success we discuss podcast discoverability. We teach you the basics of your show being searchable in iTunes and discuss why you should have good artwork, an appropriate podcast title, solid episode descriptions. During the show we also cover why you should dive right into the content and have solid sound quality but not obsess over having an amazing microphone.

Key Lessons Learned:

iTunes Store

  • Go to the iTunes store and search your keywords e.g “living on a boat.”
  • Start with a broad category and shop through all the shows and sort from there.


  • There are about 15 different categories of podcasts.
  • Within each category there are sub categories. E.g the arts category has 6 sub-categories.

Sub Collections

  • These are in the sub-categories iTunes:    
  • New and Noteworthy
  • What’s Hot
  • Top Podcasts
  • Top Episodes
  • All Podcasts 

Podcast Artwork

  • When you are thinking about a new listener finding your show you must consider the artwork.
  • The artwork needs to grab the attention of the ideal listener and be relatively descriptive of what the show is about.
  • If a brand new listener finds it they need to know exactly what they are going to get.

Podcast Title

  • The title of the show and overall presence on iTunes needs to be attractive to the audience.

Show Description

  • Don’t just stuff the description full of keywords and try to game the iTunes search system.
  • If a potential listener found your podcast and read the description would it tell them the following:
  • What the show is about.
  • The goal of the podcast   
  • Who is listening (the target audience and ideal listener)

List of Episodes

  • Episode titles are key and need to describe what the podcast is about.
  • The tile needs to be relatively descriptive about what the person would get out of listening to that episode.
  • If the title is the name of the guest that works for big celebrities but not much else.
  • There are differing opinions on whether or not to include the episode number in the title.
  • There is a limited space in iTunes for the episode title.

Once A Podcast is Found

  • You have 3 minutes to get the audiences interest.
  • It often takes podcasters way too long to get to the point of their podcast episode so people click stop and never go back to the episode or show.
  • When you open the show and only speak to veteran listeners you isolate the audience members who are brand new.


  • Focus on valuable entertaining content your audience will care about.

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