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You’re Not Too Late to Start a Podcast


I have to be honest, I get a little ticked off when I hear podcast industry leaders telling people they’re too late to podcasting; that if they haven’t started one yet, there’s no way they’re going to stand out enough to be successful.

I think that’s a big load of crap!

Listen, the bottom line is, there is an incredibly small percentage of listeners who are podcast enthusiasts and are constantly in iTunes looking at the rankings, and listening to multiple shows that are similar in style.

Most people have a couple podcasts they listen to and couldn’t give a flying …you know what if you interview some of the same guests as someone else, or follow a basic interview style format.

Don’t get me wrong, you should find your own voice and create a show that is true to your personality. But just because someone else has already started show similar to what you want to produce doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also start one for YOUR audience!

Lastly, quite candidly, I did not start my podcast for a long time because I thought I wouldn’t be different enough. But I got rid of that fear; that imposter syndrome and did it anyway. And you know what? People are listening. They’re enjoying it. They’re joining my list and becoming clients.

Ignore the disgruntled podcaster critics. Start your show. And enjoy it!

And if you are going to do an interview show, use Interview Connections to book your guests!

One thought on “You’re Not Too Late to Start a Podcast

  1. I completely agree. Podcasting doesn’t need to be looked at as a ‘scene’ that one can be late for. It can be used as a great marketing tool. Something that can always be helpful.

    My blog has an article on how to start a podcast, with equipment lists, etc. It’s a great place to start!

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